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1. Keynote Addresses

(1) Prof. Xinghuo Yu, RMIT University, Australia

Talk Title: Dealing with Complexity in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems with Simplexity

(2) Prof. Xiaohong GuanXi'an Jiaotong University, China

Talk Title: to be determined

(3) Prof. Yang ShiUniversity of Victoria, Canada

Talk Title: Distributed Model Predictive Control for Cyber-Physical Systems

(4) Prof. Zhongsheng HouQingdao University, China

Talk Title: PID and Its Puzzles——MFAC and Progress

(5) Prof. Wei RenUniversity of California, Riverside, USA

Talk Title: Distributed dynamic state estimation in sensor networks: Consistency, confidence, and convergence

2. Distinguished Lectures

(1) Prof. Riccardo MeucciUniversita degli Studi Firenze, Italy

Talk Title: Chaotic dynamics in electronic and photonic devices

(2) Dr. Sajad Jafari, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


Talk Title: Megastability: definition and its relation with multistability, extreme mutlistability, and hidden attractors


(3) Prof. Stefano Boccaetti, National Research Coubcil of Italy (CNR), Italy 

Title: Collective organization of networked phase oscillators: from explosive synchronization to Bellerophon states


(4) Prof. Simone Baldi, Southeast University, China

Title: Controls in smart buildings: experiences from European projects

3. Invited Sessions

(1) Process Control: Honggui Han, Beijing University of Technology, China (Chair)

1.1. Speaker: Prof. Jun Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China


Talk Title: Data and Knowledge Driven Industrial Energy Prediction and Scheduling


1.2. Speaker: Prof. Chunhui Zhao, Zhejiang University, China

Talk Title: Data-driven, wide-range, non-stationary process monitoring

1.3. Speaker: Prof. Xiaoli Luan, Jiangnan University, China

Talk Title: Fault detection based on NIR for crude oil desalting process

1.4. Speaker: Prof. Cailian Chen, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Talk Title: Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Transmission for Sensing and Control in Industrial Network Systems

1.5. Speaker: Prof. Honggui Han, Beijing University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Multiobjective Cooperative Optimal Control for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Process

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(2) Robotics: Aiguo Song, Southeast University, China (Chair)

Wei He, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China (Chair)

2.1 Speaker: Prof. Bingzhao Gao, Jilin University, China



Talk Title: Calibration-Free Control System Development and Application in Automotive

2.2 Speaker: Prof. Long Cheng, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Talk Title: Intelligent Control for Piezoelectric Actuators

2.3. Speaker: Prof. Huayan PuShanghai University, China

Talk Title: Unmanned System Acoustic Stealth Control Technology and Application

2.4. Speaker: Prof. Xuebo ZhangNankai University, China


Talk Title: Real-time and Complete Algorithms for Time-optimal motion planning of robots

2.5. Speaker: Prof. Qing Shi, Beijing Institute of Technology, China


Talk Title: System Design and Motion Control of Miniature Robotic Rats 

2.6. Speaker: Prof. Wei HeUniversity of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Talk Title: Intelligent Control of Bionic Flapping-Wing Robotic Aircraft

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(3) Networked Control: Jian Sun, Beijing Institute of Technology, China (Chair)

Jinhui Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology, China (Chair)

3.1. Speaker: Prof. Zhongqi Sun, Beijing Institute of Technology, China

Talk Title:Event-based MPC with adaptive horizon for nonlinear systems

3.2. Speaker: Prof. Yuanqing Wu, Guangdong University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Intelligent control of autonomous unmanned system

3.3. Speaker: Prof. Huaicheng Yan, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Talk Title: Event-triggered H-infinity control and filtering of networked systems with limited information

3.4. Speaker: Prof. Hongjiu Yang, Tianjin University, China

Talk Title: Studying on Networked Control System With Actuator Saturated

3.5. Speaker: Prof. Jun Yang, Southeast University, China

Talk Title: Event-triggered disturbance rejection control for networked control systems

3.6.Speaker: Prof. Bo Shen, Donghua University, China

Talk Title: Event-Triggered Filtering or Control for Network Systems

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(4) Nonlinear Dynamics and Control: Zhengguang Wu, Zhejiang University, China (Chair)

4.1. Speaker: Prof. Deyuan Meng, Beihang University, China

Talk Title: Iterative learning control for nonlinear systems

4.2. Speaker: Prof. Mou Chen, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Talk Title: Multi-approximators Based Control and Application

4.3. Speaker: Prof. Zhaojing WuYantai University, China

Talk Title: Random PWM controls of robots driven by DC motors

4.4. Speaker: Prof. Jian ChenZhejiang University, China

Talk Title: Identification of a Moving Object’s Velocity and Range With a Static-Moving Camera System

4.5. Speaker: Prof. Chanying LiChinese Academy of Sciences, China

Talk Title: Feedback limitations in nonlinear discrete-time control

4.6. Speaker: Prof. Bin Xu, School of Automation, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Talk Title: Robust Adaptive Control of Hypersonic Flight Dynamics4

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(5) Big Data and pattern recognition: Tong Zhang, South China University of Science and Engineering, China (Chair)

5.1. Speaker: Prof. Xianbing MengSouth China University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Reinforcement learning based evolutionary algorithm with applications to multi-agent systems

5.2. Speaker: Prof. Jiajing WuSun Yat-sen University, China

Talk Title: Data Analysis and Fraud Detection on Blockchain

5.3. Speaker: Prof. Yuan ZongSoutheast University, China

Talk Title: Micro-Expression Recognition Based on Group Sparse Learning

5.4. Speaker: Prof. Wenxiao ZhaoChinese Academy of Sciences, China

Talk Title: Recursive identification for Hammerstein systems with diminishing excitation signals

5.5. Speaker: Prof. Hua GengTsinghua University, China


Talk Title: Operation of Large-scale Renewable Energy Conversion System: from unit to Cluster

5.6. Speaker: Prof. Hai-Tao ZhangHuazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Talk Title: The role of reverse edges on hierarchical networks

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(6) Complex Networks and MAS: Guanghui Wen, Southeast University, China (Chair)

6.1. Speaker: Prof. Wangli HeEast China UniversityChina


Talk Title: Consensus of Multi-agent Systems with Efficient Communication Schemes: Stochastic Sampling or Event-triggered strategies

6.2. Speaker: Prof. Zhongkui LiPeking University, China

Talk Title: Fully Distributed Event-triggered Cooperative Control

6.3. Speaker: Prof. Zhiwei Liu, Huazhong University of Science and Techology, China

Talk Title: Trusted-Node Subsequence Reduction for Designing Resilient Consensus Algorithms

6.4. Speaker: Prof. Haibo Du,  Hefei University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Multi-agent consensus based on non-smooth control theory

6.5. Speaker: Prof. Shanying ZhuShanghai Jiao Tong University, China


Talk Title: Distributed Economic Dispatch in Power Systems via Dual Splitting

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(7) Chaotic Dynamics and Applications: Hai Yu, Northeastern University, China (Chair)

7.1. Speaker: Prof. Chunbiao Li,  Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China

Talk Title: Amplitude Control and Offset Boosting of Chaotic Signal

7.2. Speaker: Prof. Yuncai Wang,  Tai Yuan University of Technology, China



Talk Title: Chaotic Applications: From Random Number Generator to Noise Generator

7.3. Speaker: Prof. Chengqing Li,  Hunan University, China

Talk Title: Dynamic analysis of digital chaotic maps via state-mapping networks

7.4. Speaker: Prof. Qigui YangSouth China University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Homoclinic/heteroclinic cycles and chaos in 3D three-zone piecewise affine systems

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(8) Nonlinear Systems and Applications: Hongyi Li, Guangdong University of Technology, China (Chair)

8.1. Speaker: Prof. Qinglai Wei, The State Key Laboratory of Management and Control for Complex System, China

Talk Title: Discrete-Time Zero-Sum Games for Nonlinear Systems via Adaptive Dynamic Programming

8.2. Speaker: Prof. Qinmin Yang, Zhejiang University, China

Talk Title: Adaptive transient performance enhancement control and its applications in microgrid

8.3. Speaker:  Prof. Yongming Li, Liaoning University of Technology, China

Talk Title: Fuzzy Adaptive Control for A Class of Nonlinear Interconnected Large-Scale Systems

8.4. Speaker: Prof. Zhuo Wang, Beihang University, China

Talk Title: A Data-driven State Observation Method for Atomic Spin-exchange Relaxation-free Comagnetometer


8.5. Speaker:  Prof. Tengfei Liu, Northeastern University, China

Talk Title:  Robust Event-Triggered Control of Nonlinear Systems: Three Examples

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(9) Complex Networks: Tao Jia, Southwest University, China (Chair)

9.1. Speaker: Prof. Tao JiaSouthwest University, China


Talk Title: The upper bound of link prediction by the AUC measure

9.2. Speaker: Prof. Linyuan LvUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), China

Talk Title:  Characterizing cycle structure in complex networks

9.3. Speaker: Prof. Xin LvNational University of Defense Technology (NUDT), China

Talk Title:  Network evolution of a large online MSM dating community: 2005 - 2018

9.4. Speaker: Prof. Gang YanTongji University, China

Talk Title: Controllability and predictability of real temporal networks

9.5. Speaker: Prof. Zhen WangNorthwestern Polytechnical University (NPU), China

Talk Title: Data Science and Collective Intelligence

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(10) Network Collaboration and Applications: Qingshan Liu, Souhteast University, China (Chair)

Shaofu Yang, Southeast University, China (Chair)

10.1. Speaker: Prof. Jianping HeShanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Talk Title: Learning and Attack via External Observation for Multi-Robot Systems

10.2. Speaker: Prof. Huaqing LiSouthwest University, China

Talk Title: Communication and Computation Trade-off Distributed Optimization Algorithm and Its Applications

10.3. Speaker: Prof. Zhouhua PengDalian Maritime University, China

Talk Title: Path-guided distributed formation control of under-actuated autonomous surface vehicles

10.4. Speaker: Prof. Zai YangXi’an Jiaotong University, China

Talk Title: Positive Semidefiniteness of a Hadamard Product and Its Application in Array Signal Processing

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(11) Distributed Control and Optimization with Applications: Wenwu Yu, Souhteast University, China (Chair)

Junjie Fu, Southeast University, China (Chair)

11.1. Speaker: Prof. Youfeng Su, Fuzhou University, China

Talk Title: Cooperative Output Regulation and its Application in Power Sharing Control of Microgrid

11.2. Speaker: Prof. Yuzhe LiNortheastern University, China

Talk Title: Cyber-Physical Security in Remote State Estimation

11.3. Speaker: Prof. Yang TangEast China University, China

Talk Title: Perception and Decision-Making of Autonomous Systems Driven by Artificial Intelligence

11.4. Speaker: Prof. Ziyang MengTsinghua University, China

Talk Title: Vision-based localization, tracking and coordinated optimal control of unmanned systems

11.5. Speaker: Prof. Junfeng WuZhejiang University, China

Talk Title: Multi-hop Sensor Network Scheduling for Remote Estimation

11.6. Speaker: Prof. Nian LiuNorth China Electrical Power University, China

Talk Title: Optimal Operation of Power Distribution and Consumption System: Cyber-Physical-Social System Perspective

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(12) Hybrid Dynamics and Networks with Applications Jianquan Lu, Souhteast University, China (Chair)

12.1. Speaker: Prof. Zhiqiang ZuoTianjin University, China

Talk Title: Opinion dynamics in social networks: consensus vs. clusters

12.2. Speaker: Prof. Hao YangNanjing University, China

Talk Title: Stability and fault-tolerant control of switched systems and its applications

12.3. Speaker: Prof. Xiaodi LiShandong Normal University, China

Talk Title: Finite-time control of impulsive systems

12.4. Speaker: Prof. Zhongke GaoTianjin University, China

Talk Title: Multi-source information fusion and applications based on complex network and deep learning

12.5. Speaker: Prof. Yang LiuZhejiang Normal University, China

Talk Title: On the observability of logical networks

12.6. Speaker: Prof. Haitao LiShandong Normal University, China

Talk Title: Function Perturbation Impact on Stabilization of Logical Control Networks

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...

(13) Artificial Neural Networks Theories and Applications Jinling Liang, Souhteast University, China (Chair)

13.1. Speaker: Prof. Ping GuoBeijing Normal University, China

Talk Title: Toward to AutoML with Pseudoinverse Learning Algorithm

13.2. Speaker: Prof. Deshuang HuangTongji Universit, China

Talk Title: Motif Prediction and Analyses in DNA Sequences by Deep Neural Networks

13.3. Speaker: Prof. Zhanshan WangNortheastern University, China

Talk Title: Stability Analysis of Neural Dynamical Networks with Time-Delays

13.4. Speaker: Prof. Jian WangChina University of Petroleum (East China), China

Talk Title: Group Sparse Neural Networks: Structure Optimization and Fault Tolerant Learning

13.5. Speaker: Prof. Zenglin XuUniversity of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China

Talk Title: Compressing Neural Networks with Tensor Networks

13.6. Speaker: Prof. Nianyin ZengXiamen University, China

Talk Title: A Novel Deep-Belief-Network-Based Particle Filter (DBN-PF) for Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strips

Other invited talkers with information: to be announced soon...